Cricket and Superstitions List


Good luck Superstitions List for famous cricketers. Superstition is any conviction or practice that is unreasonable, It emerges from obliviousness, a misconception of science or causality, a positive confidence in destiny or enchantment, or dread of that which is obscure. We are going to share some famous cricketers who used to believe in strange superstitions.

Cricket is one diversion where players feel the requirement for divine intercession now and again. A great deal of players have had insane superstitions previously entering the field of play. In South Africa a covered safeguard as far as anyone knows conveys good fortunes to Woodville at home, East Torrens tunes in to a 1990 pop hit before each match. While Port Adelaide dependably begins a day’s play with a bizarre getting amusement. Players additionally have individual superstitions, for example  To wear a similar match of cricket socks for a little while without washing them when he is knocking down some pins well, Strange isn’t it ? Following are the Players who used to believe in strange Superstitious.

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Shahid Khan Afridi (Pakistan)

Shahid Khan Afridi was  a Pakistan all-rounder (Leg Spinner and Middle order Batsman), who used to wear No. 10 jersey by considering it a Good Luck for himself. As he believed that he will perform well if he will wear No.10 Jersey.

Shahid Khan Afridi AKA Boom Boom

Sachin Tendulkar (India)

Master Blaster & Run Scoring Machine Sachine Tendulkar the best batsman ever dependably had a little superstition before entering the cricket field. Sachin Tendulkar would dependably make a point to wear his left cushion/pad first before going out to bat. Another fascinating reality is he generally wore cushions that had snares rather than Velcro lashes.

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar Run machine

Michael Clarke (Australia)

Michael Clarke, who was a fruitful skipper amid his chance at Australia had a strange superstition before going out to bat that was, “He would tune in to uproarious music before going out to take the field since he felt it helped him think better” says in an Interview to local News Agency.

Michael Clarke Australian Batsman skipper

Anil Kumble (India)

Legendary Indian Spinner Anil Kumble who holds the record of taking 10 wickets in an innings against Pakistan was also a little Superstitious. For him his rabbit’s foot was Litle Master Sachin Tendulkar . He got a wicket each time he gave his top & sweater to Sachin Tendulkar.

Anil Kumble The Legend

Justin Ifould (Southern District Cricket Club)

Justin Ifould used to rest in cricket cushions/pads in the change spaces for a whole season amid the late 1990 preceding going out to bat at number three.

Justin Ifould

We have collected common Good luck Superstitions List you can see below.

  • itchy left foot
  • itchy left palm
  • ear ringing omen
  • itchy soles of feet
  • right foot itching
  • bat flying in house
  • bird flying into house good luck
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