Cricket to be included in Olympics 2024


Olympic Games

The Olympic Games which started in antiquated Greece upwards of 3000 years back from now,  were restored in the late 19th century & have turned into the world’s overwhelming brandishing rivalry. From the 8th century B.C. to the 4th century A.D. these Games were held at regular intervals in Olympia, situated in the western Peloponnese promontory, out of appreciation for the god Zeus.

The primary current Olympics occurred in 1896 in Athens, and included 280 members from 13 countries, contending in 43 occasions. Since 1994 the Summer and Winter Olympic Games have been held independently and have substituted at regular intervals. Now rumors are that Cricket Olympics are going to be together once again in Olympics 2024.

Cricket in Olympics

In the 1st Olympic Games in 1896, there were 9 games challenged. Since that time many games have been included & evacuated as well from the program. Just 5 games have been challenged at each mid year Olympic Games since 1896 that were Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics and Swimming. In 2012 there were 26 sports challenged and in 2016 there was 28 & 33 are planned to be included for 2020.

The possibility of cricket showing up at the Olympics without precedent for a long time crept when the ICC chief Dave Richardson, affirmed that the lion’s share of his individuals back applying to the International Olympic Committee for the game to be incorporated into the Olympics 2024 Games. Cricket was last played in the Paris Olympics of 1900 and now the ICC is pushing for an arrival of the Twenty20 format of the game in the 2024 occasion, liable to happen at the French capital once more.

Could it be possible to include Cricket in Olympics 2024?

To make this possible ICC has to make sure that All the TOP Cricketing nation including Australia, India, Pakistan and West Indies are ready to support ICC for including Cricket in Olympics. As ICC has issues with BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India), because ICC wants to include TOP players in Olympics but Indian Cricket board is not agreeing on this because there may be schedule clash with IPL and Olympics.

Moreover Pakistan and West Indies are also not ready yet to participate in Olympics 2024.  There are 50-50 Chances that Cricket will be a part of Olympics 2024. It totally depends upon International Cricket Council to convince all the TOP cricketing nation to take part in Olympics. Cricket Leagues like IPL, PSL and BBL are main hurdle in including Cricket in Olympics.

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