Who has the Best Bowling attack in the world


Today when we talk about Cricket we just take Batting as point of the discussion  that who is hitting long sixes, scoring more and play fast to entertain us. But what about Bowlers, Which country has best bowling attack? And what about their performances? We should appreciate bowlers too and all through the historical backdrop of cricket there have been bowlers both dreaded and worshiped.

Having a tremendous fan base, these were the bowlers regarded by restriction batsmen and their partners alike. Their capacity to turn the match around on its head and dismantle even the most hazardous of batsmen at their own impulse and will was extraordinary and regarded.

Regardless of whether it be their express speed making the batsmen go powerless in the knees, their capacity to swing the ball or the dangerous turn that could boggle batsmen with the most elevated level of center these were essentially the best and the most considerable in the business.

Test playing countries gloating of solid pace assaults had broadened times of strength in Test cricket with their best bowling attack. In Test cricket, while the batsmen certainly help fabricate great stages and apply weight on the restriction by setting up forcing aggregates, it in the end is the quick bowling measurement which furnishes the group with the unequivocal edge to bowl out resistances and win Test matches.


But we have a question here,  Which country have best bowling attack in the world ?

How about we show the best bowling side right now, Depending upon the performance we consider Pakistan as number one bowling nation, because they have best bowling attack in the world of cricket. WHY? We have answer for this WHY! If you see their last eight One Day International performances you will definitely agree with us on this.

Pakistan in Champions Trophy 2017

  • South Africa 219/8
  • Sri Lanka 236/10
  • England 211/10
  • India 158/10

Sri Lanka Tours to Pakistan

  • Sri Lanka 209/8
  • Sri Lanka 187/10
  • Sri Lanka 208/10
  • Sri Lanka 173/10

Consistency and Longevity of Pakistan bowlers especially Hassan Ali, Shadab , Imad Waseem and Junaid, makes Pakistan a number one and best bowling attack in the world.

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  1. the inclusion of hasan ali has seriously bolstered the team as a whole… the energy and zest he brings into the attack along with his bowling skills is simply unmatchable!

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