Possible reasons Why There is no Indian Cricketer in World Xi


Pakistan has achieved a Milestone to organize a Series of 3 Twenty20 Matches in his home ground Qaddafi / Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. The World Xi team have big names including Hashim Amla, Faf du Plesis (Skipper of WorldXi), Daren Sammy, George Bailey and 8 others.  Although having big cricket stars in World Xi people are asking why there is no Indian Cricketer in World Xi possible reason could be Relations with their Neighbor.


  1. Kashmir Conflict

The separated, for the most part Muslim Himalayan area of Kashmir is at the core of threatening vibe between the neighbors and was the reason for two of their three wars since freedom from Britain in 1947. The third was over the establishing of Bangladesh.

Separatists started an insurrection against Indian lead in 1989. From that point forward countless individuals have been murdered. India blames Pakistan for providing aggressors with arms and subsidizes, while Islamabad says its part is restricted to moral help. A breakdown in talks could set off a rehash of the previous summer’s fierce against government challenges in India-controlled Kashmir that slaughtered no less than 110 individuals

2. Political Crises

Both countries doesn’t show any kind of positive gesture first to make an initiative for better relation. Both countries accuse each other for violation in LOC (Line of Control), Terrorism around the country.

3. IPL

Couple of years ago when Pakistan Cricketers were not selected during a Auction in Indian Premier League. No franchise owner were ready to buy Pakistani Players because of pressure by Indian Government to isolate Pakistan. Many resources claims that Pakistan put a pressure on ICC not to include any Indian Cricket in World Xi.


Meanwhile, ICC Chief has declared Pakistan a safe place for International Cricket but still Pakistan has to work and wait for full return of International Cricket. No, doubt Pakistan should try to eliminate issues with Indian because India is one of the Biggest Cricking Nation.

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