Multan as sixth team in PSL 2018


Officials from HBL PSL 2018 have announced earlier this month that we are going to include 6th Team in PSL 2018 to increase the popularity of the Cricket League. PSL (Pakistan Super League) is becoming one of the most favorite and famous Cricket League after IPL (Indian Premiere league).

It can be said that It is a big competitor of Indian Premiere league. We will discuss more about PSL vs IPL or Pakistani Super league vs Indian Premiere league. But now our topic is which team they are going to include in PSL 2018 edition. According to HBL PSL 2018 ‘Multan Saints’ will be 6th team who will be in coming PSL tournament.

PSL Update by HBL PSL Official Facebook Page
PSL Update by HBL PSL Official Facebook Page

Multan Tigers have a good name in domestic cricket they are performing well in domestic cricket by analyzing their performance ‘Sultan of Multans’ will take part in PSL 2018 and is purchased by ‘Schon Group’ with the price of $5.2 Million/year.


Suggested Name for Team Multan are:

  1. Multan Tigers
  2. Multan Saints
  3. Multan Hunters

Share with us what you think about Multan Team and vote for your Favorite name by commenting below.

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