Pink ball in cricket Facts and Figures


The pink ball is a bargain between the red ball utilized for customary day-just Tests and the white one utilized for limited-overs matches, which would be difficult to see against the white garments worn by players and umpires.

The hypothesis is that batsmen ought to have the capacity to see the pink ball through light, nightfall and under floodlights.

Pink Ball in Cricket News
Official Pink Ball by ICC

The advancement is the perfection of numerous times of work by MCC. With the customary window ornament raiser of the County Champion match moving to Abu Dhabi in 2010 and played every year under day/night conditions and with a pink ball, the development made ready for floodlit Test cricket to be presented in Australia a year ago.

Test cricket will likewise be played under the lights on home soil in the not so distant future at Edgbaston when England go up against the West Indies in August, yet not before each of the 18 regions have had involvement with the Dukes balls this week.

Why Pink Ball?

Many people are asking why ICC is working on bringing Pink Cricket Ball to Test Matches. As we know that Test Matches are conducted in Day Light and people don’t show their interests in Test Matches but in T20s and ODIs. So to bring People interest in Test Matches it is necessary to manipulate the Game and that is why ICC is trying to bring Pink Cricket Ball to Test Matches.

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